A small bathroom is a big challenge

A small bathroom is a big challenge

Even in a small bathroom, you can fit everything you need without it feeling cramped. We will advise you on how to proceed so that all the equipment fits together purposefully and tastefully like a puzzle. Start with careful consideration and take advantage of opportunities you may not have thought of before. RAVAK offers not only standard bathtubs, shower enclosures, sinks, and other equipment, but also models of atypical shapes and sizes, which are ideal for miniature spaces. It is said that what is small is beautiful, so get acquainted with our gadgets and proven tricks, and it will apply to your bathroom as well.

Take Advantage of Optical Illusions

For optical enlargement of the bathroom, choose light materials in natural tones, ideally with a glossy surface. This applies not only to tiles, but also to flooring. If you have already decided on dark tiles, they can also suit a small bathroom, but it is necessary to light the space well.

Although some claim the opposite, large formats optically enlarge the space and you will appreciate fewer joints even during maintenance. The orientation of the tile is also important, with the longitudinal one having a better effect.

Tiles do not have to cover all walls. You can paint one or two walls with a light, water-resistant color. Concrete trowels or Venetian stucco are also effective solutions.

Large mirrors are also a proven trick for optically enlarging the space, which also serve a practical function in the bathroom.

Avocado bathtub The meticulously designed shape of the Avocado bathtub allows for comfortable bathing and unrestricted access to the sink even in the smallest bathrooms.

It's Time to Decide the Bathtub vs. Shower Dilemma

The bathtub occupies the largest area in every bathroom, so consider whether it is really important to you. A hot bath is indeed a pleasant relaxation, but it will increase your water expenses and conversely reduce the living space, which could be better used with a shower cubicle. However, if you long for a bathtub, we certainly won't discourage you. Even in such a case, we will find an optimal solution together.

Is a Bathtub Indispensable for You?

If you have a small bathroom, you should not miss the Avocado concept, which was created specifically for the smallest bathroom areas. The asymmetrical Avocado bathtub with a length of 150 cm provides enough space for the torso and you can place the Avocado sink above the narrowed area for the legs.

If you have decided on a bathtub, but also want to enjoy comfortable showering, choose a model with the possibility of installing a shower screen. One of them is, for example, the very comfortable BeHappy II bathtub, which is part of the same-named concept. The lines of the bathtub allow the installation of various shower screens and a corner sink can be placed in the narrowed area.

Avocado Concept The Avocado concept consists of a comfortable yet very compact bathtub with a practical sink.
BeHappy II bathtub Hanging a sink above the BeHappy II bathtub in the foot area will not take away your bathing space, but will add a practical place for hand washing.

Another solution for bathing and showering with a screen are bathtubs from the Rosa range. All Rosa I, Rosa II and Rosa 95 models have a sufficiently wide bottom and a practical integrated seat, which can also be used as a storage area. The smallest model Rosa 95 with a width of 95 cm fits into really small bathrooms. With further equipment from the Rosa concept, you can fine-tune the bathroom down to the last detail.

Do you prefer classic rectangular bathtubs? Get acquainted with the models Chrome, Chrome Slim, Classic II or Vanda II. They have a flat bottom and you can also supplement them with a bathtub screen for safe and comfortable bathing and showering. In the offer of Classic II bathtubs, do not overlook the shortest bathtub 120 cm, which can also be placed in a niche.

Rosa II Bathtub The whole family will fall in love with the Rosa II bathtub. It serves as a comfortable bathtub and a spacious shower cubicle in one.
Freedom Wall bathtub The Freedom Wall bathtub, which is designed to be placed against the wall, is also suitable for smaller bathrooms.

... Or Does the Shower Win?

Small apartments are usually inhabited by individuals or couples of younger or older age. We would definitely recommend a shower cubicle to those born earlier, which has a more comfortable entrance and the possibility of equipping with a foldable shower seat.

For small bathrooms, sliding door systems are the most suitable choice, as they do not intrude into the space like other types. You can find them in the Supernova, Blix Slim, Blix and Matrix ranges. If you prefer a frameless and barrier-free shower enclosure, the ideal model for you will be from the Walk-In range. If there are children in the family, we recommend the quarter-circle shower enclosure from the Supernova range, model SKCP4 Sabina or from the Blix range, model BLCP4 Sabina with a deep Sabina shower tray.

Sliding doors at the Blix Slim shower enclosure Sliding doors at the Blix Slim shower enclosure will save you space. The glass can also be tilted for easy cleaning.
Deep Sabina sitting tray The deep Sabina sitting tray allows for comfortable showering, but also for bathing children.

The smaller the bathroom, the more important the storage space

Maximizing every corner when implementing a small bathroom is the key to success. A corner sink, which does not intrude too much into the space, is very practical. For example, you can complement the corner sink from the 10° range with a cabinet and a mirror from the same concept. There is generally enough space under the sink for cleaning and laundry supplies or a laundry basket.

In extremely small spaces, instead of a classic sink, install washbasins, which are primarily designed for cramped spaces such as guest toilets. Even in an extremely small bathroom, they can serve their purpose as a reasonable compromise.

In small bathrooms, an important rule applies - maximize the use of space upwards. Arrange shelves or cabinets on the wall above each other, or choose tall hanging cabinets. You can find these in almost all RAVAK furniture ranges. You can also use the space above the toilet and above the doors.

Minium sink Classic II 400 The sink will save you a lot of space, and it can also be complemented by a cabinet, which offers large storage spaces that can accommodate all cosmetics or bathroom equipment.
If you do not have enough space for a bidet, you can use a wall-mounted valve with a bidet shower. The bidet shower offers many possibilities of use If you do not have enough space for a bidet, you can use a wall-mounted valve with a bidet shower. The bidet shower offers many possibilities of use.

To connect or not to connect with the toilet?

Consider the pros and cons. Among the positives, we count the fact that you will save a few precious centimeters of space, on the other hand, you will lose a wall where there could be storage spaces. In general, the connection is recommended in cases where the bathroom is used by one or two people. With a larger number of household members, the connection is at the expense of privacy. If the toilet is located near the shower, the distance between them should be at least 20 cm. The distance from the edge of the toilet bowl from the door should be at least 30 cm and the distance from the heating at least 50 cm.

Chrome concept Let yourself be guided by the Chrome concept and the bathroom will surprise you with the synergy of style and utility.

And a few tips at the end...

A gallery with a mirror will provide you with practical storage space for smaller cosmetics. In a small bathroom, there is no space for a bidet, but its function can be replaced by a bidet shower. With it, you can also comfortably wash, for example, muddy shoes above the toilet. Equipment in one concept with storage space looks compact and supports the harmonious appearance of your bathroom.

We keep our fingers crossed for your success.

How to choose a shower tray

How to choose a shower tray

The choice of a shower enclosure is also closely related to the selection of the ideal shower tray. It is a suitable solution wherever you cannot or do not want to structurally interfere with the floor, for example, in a panel apartment. Your choice should take into account the expectations and needs of the entire household, for example, if you have small children, bathe pets, occasionally soak laundry, etc. Choose the right shape, material, and method of installation. Then you will be satisfied in the long term and avoid regular floods in your bathroom.

How to choose a bathtub to be satisfied even after years

How to choose a bathtub to be satisfied even after years

Renovating or setting up a new bathroom should be a pleasant phase of life when you fulfill your dreams of new, better living. The following lines will bring you inspiration, interesting tips, and several useful tips for fundamental decisions, such as choosing a bathtub. If you consider everything carefully, today's decision will please you for many years to come, whenever you enter your bathroom.