Gutter Chrome Gutter Chrome

Shower channel Chrome

Clean and modern design
matches from the floor

Žlab Runway Žlab Runway

Shower channel Runway

The most popular model
also in black

Gutter 10° Gutter 10°

Shower channel 10°

Perfectly blends
with the tiles of your bathroom

Vpusť Vpusť

Shower drain

A solution tested by years

Aesthetics in the main role

Drainage gutters perfectly highlight the beauty of the ceramic tile and enhance the clean impression of the shower. A floor without barriers and transitions elegantly unifies the bathroom.

Aesthetics in the main role

For any space

We manufacture gutters in various lengths from 300 to 1050 mm. And so you can use them anywhere, from a small niche to generous custom-made showers. Choose a model for the space or to the wall of the shower cubicle.

For any space

Smooth flow that won't disappoint

A guaranteed drain of 60 l/minute ensures that water flows smoothly during showering and does not accumulate anywhere. Thanks to top-notch materials and workmanship, you can be sure of a long lifespan and stable surface finish.

Smooth flow that won't disappoint

25-year warranty

We stand by the quality of our products. That's why you get an extended 25-year warranty on all drainage channels.


Do you need advice on planning?

We have interesting advice, tips, and ideas for you on how to furnish a new or renovate an old bathroom tastefully and purposefully, so it remains a source of daily joy for you even after years.

Do you need advice on planning?