Shower Trays

Each range of shower trays has its specific features and offers various installation options. You can choose from models of highly durable trays made of cast marble with thermal insulation properties and a five-year warranty. Proven classics are more affordable and very reliable acrylic trays. Their antibacterial properties prevent the growth and reproduction of bacteria and yeasts.

The Galaxy Pro Chrome range of trays are designed to complement the Chrome bathroom concept, but they can also be used very well for any other shower enclosure. The characteristic element of the Chrome series - rounded corners of the oval - is projected on their bottom.

For safer showering, we offer a range of cast trays Galaxy Pro. They are equipped with a non-slip surface. Their low height allows for almost barrier-free solutions.

For modern bathrooms, we offer trays made of cast marble with a smooth bottom Galaxy Pro Flat. The smooth surface of the bottom emphasizes the clean appearance of the shower enclosure and is easy to clean.

Extra shallow and simply beautiful acrylic trays can be found in the Galaxy range. Reliable and affordable are the acrylic trays of the Kaskada series. These deeper trays are characterized by their cascading bottom.

The quarter-circle deep tray Sabina in combination with a lowered shower enclosure represents an ideal solution for comfortable showering and bathing. Thanks to its depth and integrated seat, the sitting tray in the form of a mini tub offers the possibility of bathing small children and comfortable seating.