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Shower Enclosures and Doors

When furnishing or renovating a bathroom, you can choose from many models of shower enclosures. They vary in size, shape, color, construction materials, and the way they open.

You can choose from quarter-circle or corner shower enclosures in square or rectangular variants of various sizes. These are either made up of two door parts, or a combination of a door and a fixed wall. The most economical option is shower boxes.

In our offer, you can find, for example, space-saving sliding enclosures Matrix, Blix Slim, Blix, and Supernova. If you have a larger space available, we recommend choosing between shower enclosures with hinged door opening, Brilliant or SmartLine. You should not miss the enclosure with a rotating pivot door opening Pivot or Nexty, or the most luxurious models of the Walk-In type with an open entrance.

Shower enclosures are designed for installation on trays or directly into the floor, which is very effective in combination with a drainage channel and also a barrier-free solution.

Shower enclosures with safety glass filling are equipped with an AntiCalc protective layer that prevents the deposition of limescale.