Drainage Channels and Drains

A drainage channel is a great choice. By installing a shower on the floor, you get a comfortable barrier-free solution, without being limited by the dimensions of the shower tray. The entire floor stands out and the space feels pleasantly airy. The only prerequisite is that the bathroom floor allows this construction intervention.

We guarantee a drainage rate of 60 l/min for our channels, which is sufficient even for very busy spaces. A floor drain will suffice for less used bathrooms.

We offer drainage channels from 30 to 105 centimeters, i.e. from small niches to spacious custom-made showers. For your comfort, we have thought of every detail. For example, shower channels have a double odor seal and a special surface treatment prevents dirt from sticking.

Choose a location that suits you. The most common is the installation of a drainage channel to the wall, but it can also be in the room. The specific location should always be adapted to the slope of the floor.

In our offer, you will find stainless steel drainage channels of the Chrome, 10° or Runway series. All models have a long lifespan and you do not have to hesitate to use even effective chemical agents for their cleaning. In the Runway series, we also offer a drainage channel with a surface finish in black. It aesthetically matches a modern bathroom, especially with suitable accessories and tiles. Plastic Zebra channels are more affordable, yet they do not significantly lag behind in terms of functionality and quality.