For corner spaces, we offer square shower trays in sizes 80x80, 90x90 and 100x100 cm. Rectangular trays can be chosen for shower spaces 100x80, 100x90, 110x80, 120x80 and 120x90 cm. Shower trays made of cast marble Galaxy Pro 10°, Galaxy Pro Chrome, Galaxy Pro and Galaxy Pro Flat are extra low, suitable for barrier-free solutions, but can also be supplemented with legs and a cover panel or cladding. They are very stable and durable, with a 5-year warranty. The square tray Perseus Pro Chrome and the rectangular Gigant Pro Chrome with a typical oval shape will complement corner spaces not only from the Chrome concept. The model of the square tray Perseus Pro and rectangular Gigant Pro stands out with its anti-slip surface. Modern trays Perseus Pro Flat and Gigant Pro Flat have a smooth surface and are easy to clean.

Acrylic trays of the Galaxy and Kaskada series are very reliable and have an antibacterial surface treatment. LA type trays are intended for installation on legs and for cladding. Self-supporting EX type trays can be clad and we offer PAN and PU types already with a panel. Here you will find Gigant models with a smooth bottom or cost-effective Angela and Aneta models with a cascading bottom. The Aneta tray is designed for the smallest shower spaces of size 75x90 cm.